Marty Zatzman-Guitar and Vocals

Marty has played Guitar for over 52 years. Growing up in Nova Scotia he first played in bands as a teenager and played with his next door neighbor- Kevin McMichael whom later became one of the founders of Cutting Crew in London ,England. The Cutting Crew became the number one band in 18 countries in 1987. Marty has played on Breakfast Television, at the Rogers Centre, Ontario Place, Political Rallies for The Attorney General of Ontario and The Minister of State for Health- Canada and for Premier Kathleen Wynne.  He also has played in many pit bands for musicals, high school shows, and clubs. Currently he plays in the Toronto Charity/Corporate Band-BackTrack and in Canada's largest Klezmer band-Klez Konnection of Toronto. Marty has also played with Billy Newton Davis-(Nylons),Liberty Silver (Grammy and Juno Awarded) ,Jonno Lightsone, Brian Katz,Cantor Simon Spiro, Gabi Epstein, Kelly Holiff, Hilary Weaver, Cantor David Edwards, Cantor Tibor Kovari, Cantor Eddie Berkovitz (Halifax), Cantor Mo Glazman (New York City) and Cantor Alex Stein, Marty has experience playing guitar in bands and orchestras that are staffed by some of  Canada's top musicians-including members of The Kinky Boots Band, We Will Rock You, Phantom of the Opera, Rock of Ages, Billy Elliot, Rent and Cats. Marty has lead BackTrack for the past 10 years-growing the band from 2 musicians to now over 12 roster performers. BackTrack Band is listed as the #1 Gigmasters Motown band in Toronto/GTA. BackTrack  has an extensive list of subs that are all from strong musical/band backgrounds. Marty believes in giving back to the community and BackTrack does lots of charity events every year. Marty is a strong believer in LIVE MUSIC with no artificial backing tracks. His greatest influences were Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown and Chicago-all fantastic horn section groups.Marty is currently writing an Online  book called- The More You Play-The More You Play (His history in the band business for the last 50 years). He also is working on a new musical production called : Pharaoh  ( So Let It Be Written So Let It Be Done)  set to the music of Earth Wind and Fire.. 

Janet Whiteway-Keys and Vocals

Janet Whiteway is not the kind of artist you can sum up in one word. Superlative. Sublime. Sultry. Eclectic. Electric. Entertaining. There are many words that apply, every one of them equally appropriate. 

A lifetime of music and instruments, stretching back to her early childhood, have given Janet the rock-solid foundation for her sound and has allowed her to grow her style into something that no other artist can reproduce. 

Songs have always resonated with people, for one simple reason. They’re pure. They inspire. They lift. She’s taken years of learning, of practicing and performing and distilled it all down to an unmistakable and utterly distinctive sound. Janet is telling the stories that people have always wanted to hear. 

If you ever want to test out your self-control, come to a Janet Whiteway show and see how long it is before you start singing or dancing – you’ll probably wind up doing both. This is the cream of musical performance, and when it’s paired up with her delightfully whimsical take on life, it makes for time well spent. 

Janet began her long, strange trip, when she and her sister were at the Royal Conservatory of Music, which led to choir, piano and as her skills and interests evolved, the violin, then the flute, before settling on the French horn. Thanks to exposure to the emerging sound coming out of the U.S. around this time, Janet’s musical education accelerated. Back to Canada in time to enter the adolescent musical phase that many of us have experienced, Janet picked up a guitar and became a formidable musician who decided that her future was in music, which brought her to Humber College and Queen’s School of Music to study French horn, which she combined with vocal training under Randall Marsh and Patricia Rideout. 

Like many Canadian artists at the time, Toronto was the place to be after graduation. Janet played piano, worked in musical theatre, founded and played with cover bands and wrote and performed original songs. Not a bad way to spend 20 years. In 2008 Janet figured it was the right time to focus on her own music, which brought ‘Pure Sunshine’ into existence. Working with James Paul at Toronto’s Rogue Studio allowed Janet to build further on the time, energy and passion she’d put into her music. 

In 2015 Janet Whiteway did something that musicians are told never to do. She quit her day job. 

Taking her biggest step yet, Janet wrote and recorded ‘Love Is Hope’, her musical commentary on the politics and culture of our time. It’s a continuance of her ongoing education, from the American politics of the late 60’s to the Canadian politics of the 21st century. From some of the darkest days to what she hopes might be a brighter future. Her contribution to that future is her music, her passion and her stellar talent. 

Listen to ‘Autumn’ on Pure Sunshine (her first CD) and hear the wrenching honesty of goals partially attained. Or ‘Broken Vows’, gorgeous and somber, ancient and Irish, but tuned up for our ears. This CD – eclectic, soulful, funky – instantly grabs your attention, but rewards careful listening. Her live performance – the same, flexibility and professionalism are clearly the basis of her work. 

For now, Janet spends a lot of time behind the piano, working on her cover tunes and original music, and that paid off when she won the RightOutTVMusic&Video Award in the “Best Song So Far” category for ‘Pure Sunshine’, the title track of her first CD. Her new CD Love Is Hope will be released in December, 2017. 

Janet cites a pretty eclectic list of artists as her inspirational sources. Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury, Nina Simone, Elvis Costello and Stevie Wonder feature in her influences. And just like them, people are amazed at how much power, sound and talent can be contained in such a small package. Her embrace of her eclectic side has allowed her to explore a truly wide range of styles and genres, which becomes obvious when you hear her work. 

You’ll hear blues, gospel, rock, opera, soul, funk, classical – it’s a few hundred years of musical theory coming to town when Janet Whiteway plays. 

Nora Young, CBC broadcaster: Janet’s charming and eclectic style is a heady cocktail. Blending chamber pop, jazz, and a dash of gospel, Janet’s songs live where Saturday night meets Sunday morning, and anything can happen. 

“I find it boring to stick to just one style” Janet says, reflecting on how she got to where she is now, after experiments in R&B, the Broadway songbook and jazz. “When I was trying just to create jazz, I got writer’s block.” 

Classically trained in French horn and voice - including a music degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Janet loves the kind of artfully turned lyrics and surprising, yet hooky, melodies of singer songwriters such as Elvis Costello, Rufus Wainwright, and Joni Mitchell. 

While her music explores the range of human emotion, on stage, Janet’s lively sense of humour lights up the room. She’s likely to break into a comic riff with the band, tip a musical hat to Elton John, or offer up a funky take on a country music classic. “I hope my music comes across as optimistic “she says, smiling. “After all, I’m going to take you down to the river and wash all your sins away!”


Pauline Blackwood-Bass Guitar and Vocals

For as long as she can remember, music has been an integral part of Pauline's life. Early on, performing and singing in school and church choirs helped develop her vocal skills, and were only a sign of things to come. Piano lessons soon followed, but she soon grew tired of the rigid constraints of pastoral pieces, finding greater freedom in popular song. However, her true epiphany was embodied by a grade 7 music instructor who played guitar and sang her own songs. There was no turning back. She continued to play guitar in cover and original bands until early 1999, when, playing in a band that already had two guitarists, she picked up the bass. She hasn’t looked back since and has used her bass talents for playing original and cover projects. Her varied influences range from Mahalia Jackson to Led Zeppelin.


Kristen Au-Saxophone and Vocals

Kristen Au is a tenor saxophonist, clarinetist and vocalist, an active performer in the GTA. After receiving her Bachelors of Music degree at the University of Toronto, she has been leading her own jazz combo. They often perform at cafes, bars, restaurants, hospitals, weddings, charity events and festivals.

Kristen is currently serving as a tenor saxophonist and vocalist in the Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble (, the Metro Big Band( and orchestras under the Sheraton Cadwell Group(

After completing her Bachelor of Education degree at York University in 2009, Kristen became a Band Officer of the Air Cadets directing a youth marching band. Aside from performing and teaching music, her interest in visual arts has lead her into modeling.


Dan Juric- Drums

Danny has been playing guitar and drums for over 25 years.
His father Terry Juric, of Toronto 70's rock band MOXY introduced Dan to playing as a child.
His love of music encompasses a wide spectrum of genres, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Funk 
Danny has played in various bands throughout the GTA for over 15 years.

Abigail Neale is an up-and-coming saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger in the Toronto music scene. Praised and awarded for her versatility and musicianship, she seeks to explore and experiment with the many avenues of musical expression that are available to her. Her newest project, Paradigm pays tribute to traditional jazz roots in varied configurations with a unique flavour of arrangements and compositions, while her contribution to The Sidewalk Crusaders creatively branches out into the mainstream. The recently released EP Dreamscape, collides the worlds of chamber and jazz music to take you on a magical journey built on Abigail’s own imaginings.
Victoria Cox

Baritone Sax, Flute, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax

Victoria has studied with many talented musicians, having obtained a Music Performer Diploma from Mohawk College and attending Acadia University for the Bachelor of Music program.  Performing in multiple bands based out of Hamilton, ON, Baritone or Tenor Saxophones are her main instruments, doubling on Flute, Clarinet and Alto Saxophone.

She has had the privilege of working with some of the “greats” including Sam Moore of Sam and Dave, Tom Bowes from Tower of Power, Darcy Heppner and many more.

Teaching private lessons on all wind instruments and piano at multiple music schools in the Hamilton area, Victoria is a highly renowned teacher and performer.

Carrie Chesnutt-Sax and Flute

Carrie Chesnutt is a "Cabaret Star".  She'll sing opera one moment and raunchy blues the next, burble sweetly on the flute and wail jazz on tenor sax. She's smart, sexy, sassy and chic.

Carrie has played with some interesting and diverse artists including: Late Night With David Letterman's Paul Shaffer, blues legend Paul Butterfield, Jackie Richardson, Tex Mex Guitar Player songwriter Joe "King" Carrusco, English Songwriter Tom Robinson, and Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Canadian music icons Molly Johnson, Ellen McIIlwayne, Carol Pope, "Brian Colorblind" Blain, Lorraine Segato, Rita Chiarelli, Haydain Neale of Jacksoul and many more.

"Shannon is a saxophonist, vocalist and keyboard player embarking on a solo career as neo-soul artist. Originally from Manitoba, her original music features lush & satisfying jazz harmony, straightforward lyrics and sing-along-able horn lines, all of which can be heard on her forthcoming debut single, What You Do, out May 11th 2018.

When not recording or performing her own material, Shannon sits in with the BackTrack Band, plays 1st tenor in the Mega City Swing Band, keeps a few students on the side and also moonlights on all three instruments in various groups around Toronto.

Shannon's career highlight so far has been opening for her favourite band, the smooth and hypnotic LA neo-soul trio Moonchild, at their Drake Underground show in 2017. She records in partnership with Maisonneuve Music."

Oriana Barbato is a versatile bassist with an eclectic style and a vast experience in the Toronto live music scene. This Chilean musician keeps busy playing bass for tabla soaked electronica project Rakkatak and for the urban latin flamenco fusion band Santerías, as well as offering services as a freelance musician. Past collaborations include ska/reggae supergroup Random Order, hip hop/reggae tour de force crew El Blanco Collective, high energy rock and rollers The Johnnys,  hard rockers Cathartic and Quwwali ensemble Indiantouch. Oriana’s adaptability, work ethic, and professionalism have brought her to stages across North and Central America, Asia and Europe, where she has shared the stage and been billed alongside with world-renowned musicians such as latin/flamenco fusion act TaKiLo, Catalan cumbia group La Troba Kung Fu, Qawwali master Shahid Ali Khan, Warwick endorsed bass prodigy Jorge Campos and Juno award-winning Canadian songwriter Bif Naked.

Oriana loves playing hard but she’s also a bit of a brainy sound art freak. She fell in love with sound art while completing her BFA in music at York University. Her compositions have been exhibited at various art galleries in North, South America and Europe. Her electro-acoustic piece Acousmatic Longing was presented at the 2008 International Computer Music Conference (Belfast), in a programme led by Canadian composer and developer of real-time granular synthesis, Barry Truax.

Oriana enjoys playing shows and is very passionate about her instrument. She shares these strengths by teaching bass and facilitating bands throughout the year, for sessions run by the Toronto Girls Rock Camp body.

Peter Milosh
Guitar, Bass, Drums

Nigel Maynard has been a drummer for over 20 years. Originally being grounded in Funk, Hip Hop, and Reggae.  He quickly learned that there was so much more variables in music that had it’s own flavour in which he soon learned to adapt to.  After studying at Humber College for Music and Sound Reinforcement, he had had become quickly found of styles such as jazz, Latin, rock, blues, and yes.. truth be told… Country music as well. This collage of musical genres began to fuse into Nigel.

Back tracking a bit, – Nigel also discovered about “Gospel Music around the age of 12” – and he realized that this style of music, not only being uplifting and nurturing for the spirit… also had an depth and attraction like no other.  He soon learned how to express himself in this musical genre as well.  Going to churches in the Greater Toronto Area – contemporary styles of worship to liturgical styles, to modern styles, hymns, soul southern styles – to choirs – he has learned to mesh in and find his own means to express his soul and spirit in that medium.

Playing and or opening for the likes of names such as Alvin Slaughter, Fred Hammond, Babie Mason, CeCe Winans, Hezikiyah Walker, Martha Munizzi and others – Nigel has learned how to adapt himself to the differences that artists may have.

Nigel was raised by his mother, and yes his sister as well – in whom even though initially was a little sceptical with his decision to go into the music field, have supported him in many ways.

Nigel is currently a member of Kingsway Community Life Center (Where they love you back to Life and Destiny!) – and also is onboard with Nordene Fogah and helps lead the band that is the driving force behind her called Endurance. He is also on call to be playing with notable musician composer Everett Haughton with his band Embrace.. (Something about MaynStreet and bands that start with “E!” LOL)

Nigel still currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area, but is never limited to it. Traveling internationally to various places between Canada, the US, and Europe, he has come to appreciate the different ways that people express their music – and looks forward to leaving his one expression of music, that would bless many others for years to come.

“Music can be an expression of ones soul. With so much things in this world that are designed to 
keep people down – and depressed, struggling, music can be one of those things
– can be a tool to allow someone to find the hope they are looking for, and the answers they need.
God made music for us to bless each other – and Him. 
Let us never forget that…”

Julian Brindley Trumpet

A graduate of Humber College's BA in Contemporary Music Program. I won the 2010 Duke Ellington Memorial Scholarship for excellence in arranging. I have studied trumpet/jazz with: Roger Ingram, Alistar Kay, Dave Dunlop, Steve Crowe, Pat LaBarbera and arranging/composition with: John MacLeod, Andy Ballantyne and Gord Sheard. In 2007 I graduated from Cawthra Park Secondary Schools Regional Arts Program with Honours. My playing experience has been with pit orchestras for amateur theatre groups, big bands, latin groups, funk/pop/rock bands. My arranging/composing experience has been in writing original music/arrangements for my own big band, charting horn parts for funk/pop/rock bands. I play proficiently on flugel horn as well as trumpet.

Sophia Smith- Alto Sax

Chris Tufaro-Keys

Jocelyn Russell-Keys

Reuven Grajner-Keys

Daniel Walsh- Trombone

Sam Timmerman

Full time Musician/DJ/MC/Announcer/entertainer, part time amateur sportsperson/adventurist. Also sometimes takes photos.

Sam is a professional Instrumentalist, Composer and DJ currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Sam has studied and performed music for over twenty years, he is a regular live/session/studio contact for performances and recordings of all genres.

Sam has worked and performed with a number of world-class artists and performers, including John Paul Young, The Cape Town Opera, Rob Mills, Jim McNeely, Ed Partyka, Fred Wesley, Matt Jodrell, Troy Roberts, James Morrison, Jamie Oehlers, Katie Noonan, Gian Slater, Graham Wood, Ross Irwin, Todd McKenny, and more. 

He is a regular on the FRINGE WORLD Festival calendar alongside Perth Fringe darlings Jessie Gordon and Mark Turner. He can also be heard behind the mic as MC/Gameday announcer for Volleyball WA and Northern Stars Volleyball Club.

Past Productions:
-Hugh Jackman-Broadway to Oz! (3rd Trumpet, Perth)
-GREASE Australia (Trumpet, Perth)
-Jersey Boys Australia (Deputy Trumpet, Perth)
-Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince: Direct from Broadway (Trumpet-Perth)
-WAAPA Music Theatre Productions; 'Crazy For You', 'A Chorus Line', 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying', 'Thoroughly Modern Millie', 'Anything Goes'
-Other music theatre show experience; 'Legally Blonde', 'Company', 'Gypsy', 'The Pajama Game', 'Singin' in the Rain', 'Hello, Dolly!', 'High School Musical on Stage', 'Guys and Dolls', 'Hairspray', 'Suessical the Musical', 'Peter Pan', 'Back to the 80's'.

Where to find Sam:

-The Brow
-Junkadelic Brass Band
-Fairly Average Productions/The Fairly Average Dance Band
-Smash Bros
-Little Belle
-Wildflower (DJ+Percussion)