BackTrack is one of Toronto's top Motown , RnB bands. No backing tracks-just a pure live entertainment group. Band size ranges from six to twelve on stage and includes three vocalists, horn section and on occasion even electric violin. About half of their events are for charity causes at a greatly reduced rate. The rest of their events are in clubs, at festivals, weddings and for private and corporate parties.  Come out any night to one of our gigs to see us perform live. Check out our performance posters and calendar on this page.

Performance Calendar

August 23rd-Thursday
City Hall Live
Nathan Phillips Square
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

August 25th-Saturday
Bier Markt-Square One
8:15 pm

September 2nd-Sunday
Private Wedding Event

September 7th-Friday
Autism Sings 2018
Copper Creek Golf Club

September 15th-Saturday
The Cadillac Lounge
10:00 pm-1:30 am

September 22nd-Saturday
Private Wedding Event

September 29th-Saturday
Bier Markt-Square One
8:15 pm-11:30 pm

October 13th-Saturday
Bier Markt-Square One
8:15 pm-11:30 pm

October 20th-Saturday
Bier Markt-Don Mills Shops
10:00 PM

November 10th-Saturday
Drums and Flats-Ajax
9:00 PM
Cover : $10.00

Contact :
Marty Zatzman

BackTrack - Band

Bier Markt Review

Gary Orbit-Toronto Moon

Even in “reduced” mode as a six-piece with “only” two singers and one horn, R&B/Motown/Funk ensemble BackTrack was mightily impressive the night I finally got to hear them live this summer at the Bier Markt’s location in Don Mills.

It was their debut performance for the chain, which has four locations, and based on what I heard it should definitely be worth seeing what they will do with the bigger stage and room tonight for their 8:30-11:30 no-cover show in the company’s downtown TO location at 600 King St. West.

Group leader and guitarist Marty Zatzman needlessly apologized for the smaller than usual configuration on a reasonably sized but this night small appearing raised stage in Don Mills.  Normally, as we’ve described previously, the combo is at least nine pieces, with three horns and often a third guest singer like iconic veteran Liberty Silver.

It’s the full version of the group that appears at Cadillac Lounge when they do their now annual summer showcase series there (and where they return, btw, for a showcase gig Sat. November 11).  But only those well familiar with the larger group would have found anything wanting at the show I took in.

Drummer Dan Juric and the combo authentically delivered versions of Motown, Soul and R&B classics like “Chain of Fools”, “I Got The Music In Me” and “Respect”, threw in some variety with an Amy Winehouse tune, soulful versions of “Crazy” and “At Last” and peppered the mix with a few perennial dance faves like “Proud Mary”.

They also, unlike so many lazy, apparently insouciant groups these days, put on a real show.  Dressing like they’re there to impress, bringing in their own sound man (who operates the controls remotely from the audience through a smart phone) and making good use of lighting all contribute to the vibe —along with, of course, the exciting stage moves of the two fronting vocalists and sax player.

Singers Melissa Lee and Olga Roberts took turns on leads and each also delivered superb backup vocals.  Sax musician Kristen Au added the perfect horn lines needed to pull off that authentic Motown feel, while veteran keyboardist Bruce Jacobs combined with Marty and solid but hidden offstage bassist Pauline Blackwood to give full body along with musical sizzles to the sound.

Whether they come in tonight as a 6-piece or more, I’d be guessing this is just the beginning of regular appearances in various Bier Markt locations for this versatile veteran band that more than delivers on its hype.